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Posted in News by Camborne Town Deal ON 2nd September 2020

Ordinary people once did extraordinary things in Camborne. We need you to help us do that once again.

Those extraordinary accomplishments of yesteryear made Camborne a thriving community in which to work and live – we need you to help us make Camborne respected again.

We are building a team of 20 Deal Makers, who will be part of our Town Lab. Your role will be to give feedback on proposals and concepts that form part of the Camborne Town Deal investment bid, We are looking for people with strong links to Camborne and a deep passion to make positive change for our town and its people.

You’ll give your feedback through a series of online and real-life meetings and workshops, talking to us about what is needed to make the projects in our investment bid relevant and useful to the people of Camborne.

Why do the Town Board need this team of Deal Makers?

Camborne Town Deal are bidding for £25million in Towns Fund Government funding, which will help to revitalise our town and forge a new future for Camborne. 

We believe it’s important to share the responsibility and to empower our communities to be a part of the decision making for the town. By giving us your honest feedback and thoughts, you will be helping us to deliver projects that will be loved and used by the people of the town.

Twenty Deal Makers from all walks of life will form the cohort of 2020. Town Deal Project concepts and proposals will be shared with the Deal Makers via a number of different opportunities; workshops, focus groups, presentations, and online platforms.

The Deal Makers will be asked to test the project proposals in creative and progressive ways and offer integral feedback directly to the Town Deal Board.

We want to ensure Deal Makers to feel like they have made real change for their communities. as well as developing their own skills in the process.

Why is this important to us here at Camborne Town Deal?

We believe by sharing the responsibility and empowering our communities to lead the decision-making processes; we will make better decisions and deliver projects the people of Camborne really want.  

How can I become a Deal Maker for Camborne?

  • You can be a Deal Maker if you are passionate about creating change for Camborne.
  • Your home, work or school Postcode begins with TR14
  • You want to be empowered with the responsibility to make decisions for Camborne.

We’d love to work with those who wouldn’t usually be defined as the ‘usual candidates’ in delivering government investment. 

You don’t need to be employed, have good grades or to have demonstrated previous experience in this field of work. You need to have strength of feeling about what is needed to make our town better, and be able to articulate this clearly to us.

We will prioritise applications from under-represented groups; including (but not limited to) people of colour, LGBGTQ people, agender people, women, disabled people, young parents, refugee and migrants, survivors, young carers, working class people, past offenders and those not earning or learning. We ensure all our events are accessible to everyone.

What do I need to do?

You would need to be prepared to offer at least two hours a calendar month to the discussion and testing of concepts and project ideas. There will be a multitude of different ways these discussions will take place and you can choose which method works best for you. 

If you’re interested in becoming a part of our Town Lab Deal Makers, please contact us at [email protected]

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