Ordinary people once did extraordinary things in CamborneOur team of Deal Makers from our community have volunteered to help us do that once again.

Their role will be to give feedback on proposals and concepts that form part of the Camborne Town Deal investment bid. These enthusiastic volunteers are helping to shape the future of our town and make positive change for Camborne and its people.

We believe by sharing the responsibility and empowering our communities to lead the decision-making processes; we will make better decisions and deliver projects the people of Camborne really want.  

To find out more about each Deal Maker, click on the + sign next to their name to open up their profile.

Russell Eden

I’m a newcomer to the area, having lived here just over a year. My home is on the outside of town, but still only a 15 minute walk from the square. When deciding where to live in Cornwall we found the location to be the perfect mix for our needs; we love both coasts, country walking, sea swimming and cycling, and, very importantly, we wanted to live in a real town with real people for 365 days of the year.

The Deal Makers panel is an opportunity for me to give something to my new town.

It’s clear that there’s so much to be done and great care needs to be taken to ensure that the maximum value is made from this money. We need focus, as well as people who are prepared to get involved to ensure that focus.

The challenge is to make Camborne a great place to live, work and play – and to attract additional investment from others who come to visit, live and invest here.

Louise Hart

I’ve lived in Camborne for most of my life – and even when I haven’t lived here, it has always been the one place I’ve called home.

I love this town and we now have an opportunity to give it a new lease of life. There is great pride in our town – we gather on Trevithick Day to watch the dances and steam engine procession and we turn out for the lantern procession and Christmas lights switch on. People want to be part a community – and I want to help ours to become a thriving one that includes and supports all.

This is a fantastic catalyst for improvement – an opportunity to improve the fortunes of our town and our residents.

I believe this funding can help put us on the path to creating long term, self sustaining projects that can improve life chances, reduce isolation and help create and thriving community.

Kelly Thorne

Raised in Camborne and daughter of a local miner, I feel a strong link to my town. I now run a heritage and art exhibition space on our high street and am renovating a local shop to it’s old Victorian glory. I am very passionate about our heritage and what Camborne could achieve.

I really want to save our old historical buildings and turn out town into the visitors attraction it should be. We need to be bold and shout about our history, renovate our buildings and attract investment and jobs. I think this deal will help us on our way.

Jenna Hibberd

I grew up in Wendron, went to school in Helston but would always regularly go to Camborne with my mum, shopping or attending Trevithick Day and going to Carn Brea leisure centre.

After spending the last 7 years living in Wrexham, North Wales, we found out we were expecting our first child and decided to move back to Cornwall to give our child the childhood both my husband and I had in Cornwall. 

A town like Camborne has so much history and has a huge amount of potential. I’m a proud Cornish girl who would love to help Camborne get its pride back.

Jacqueline Davey

I think Camborne has had a lack of self esteem over the last few years . This could partially be because of the job losses and down turn in the job market that followed. It has such a lot of potential and so do the people who live there – as well as it’s beautiful buildings. Camborne always had a sense of community and it needs to reconnect with its past to give it a fabulous, strong and far-reaching future for the people of Camborne. The ripple effect that will wash out from upturn in social confidence and the economy is very important for all levels of the community.

My life keeps eternally coming back to Camborne for one reason or another. My mother and her mother’s family come from here. I went to Camborne Technical college, back in the 1980s and my YTS ( Youth Training Scheme) day release was spent there too.

One of my aims in life was to go to the famous Camborne School of Mines, and I was lucky enough to achieve my wish in the year 2000. Even better than that, I was kept on as a lecturer and eventually ran some of their amazing degree courses and lectured on others until 2010.

I am and always will be so proud of my attachments to Camborne. It’s a place of potential and heritage is embedded into its soul.

Claire Warner

I lived in Camborne from 2010 -2015 and moved back in November 2018. I am a single parent with a ten year old son who attends school at Gwinear.

I recently graduated with a BSc in Environmental Resource Management from our brilliant Cornwall College in affiliation with the University of Plymouth. I am a keen motorcyclist and love the locality of Camborne, which is beautifully placed for access to our north coast and the far west. We have a rescue greyhound who isn’t keen on motorcycles, but does love the mining trails and the many footpaths around the town to areas of woodlands and peace.

£25m is a mind blowing amount of money which has the potential to vastly improve our home town. It feels to me like a once-in-a-generation investment opportunity and I am determined we can get it right by using the funds to maximum benefit for all. A £25m investment into Camborne would drive economic regeneration which would provide so much more than just jobs.

We can create opportunities for our children’s future to inspire them to strive to achieve, clean and safe outside spaces for improvements to both physical and mental health, and a town that other Cornish residents would like to visit. We can create somewhere we can be proud of.

Becky Nurhonen

I have lived in Camborne for the last 10 years and I also spent a lot of time in the area as a child. I am currently on maternity leave with a 9 month old baby.

I am a qualified primary teacher but currently work in a college on ESF projects. Before this, I worked as a learning mentor in the college and I have also worked also in a pupil referral unit.

I really like living in Camborne but I don’t think it has the best reputation. It has good transport links and is an ideal location within Cornwall.

I am keen to have an input into making improvements for the community as a whole.

I hope regeneration will attract more people to the town which, in turn, will help boost the local economy. It may also encourage younger generations to be proud of where they live.

Anthony Calf

I am a passionate Camborne and Cornish man. I have lived in Camborne all my life.

I have been married for 39 years and have two daughters who live and work in the area.

My mother was Barbra Godolphin and my stepfather was Sid Godolphin. They were both town and district councillors and served as the Chair for both councils.

I am currently a full time carer for my disabled wife, and I am also the vice chairman of Veor RFC .

I am passionate about my town and would like to see, and be a part of, any improvement in and around the town.

Andrew McFarland

I’ve lived in Camborne for most of the last 20 years, and now own a house in the centre of town with my wife, two children, and numerous pets.

My children both attend primary school in Camborne, and my daughter is involved in the Girls Brigade.

I’ve found Camborne to be a very pleasant place to live, large enough to cover most of what you need to get by without hopping in the car, while small enough to have the feel of a community. It’s in a great location, with easy access to both coasts and the main road through one of the most beautiful places to live in the country.

I think it’s important to see the place where you live prosper, and that if you have the opportunity to improve the area you should take it. Anything which can help to improve people’s lives is important. Camborne and the surrounding area include some of the most deprived regions in the country, and regeneration to reverse this and improve the lives of people living and working in Camborne is key to providing opportunities for both current residents and the next generation.

Tammy Negus

I was born and raised in Camborne, have lived here my entire life and I also work in the town.

My children have grown up here and I feel very proud to call this place my home.

I would like to be involved in positive changes to the town and see it come alive again.

I think it’s great that the town could benefit from this funding.

This will bring in more people and help local businesses and give us locals a sense of pride for our hometown.

Angie Roskilly

I was born at Tolcarne, Beacon and lived there until I was 9 or 10 years of age, and then my parents , my sister and I moved to Camborne.

Camborne was a good place to grow up in and being so close to the countryside and to the beaches helped me to grow up active and fit. Camborne was also full of hard working families who “looked out” for one another and I grew up with a sense of community and a good value base for the future.

I have decided to be a member of the Deal Maker Panel because I believe in Camborne and I want to help it to develop and to be the best it can be.

I am fortunate to have four lovely grandchildren who live in and around Camborne and I would like to help to create a Camborne that they will always love and be proud of .

Kayleigh Seddon

I have lived and worked in Camborne for the majority of my life. It’s always been my hometown, my safe place and my past and future remains here.

I have watched it change so much throughout my life and would love to see it improve and develop over the next coming years.

I believe that I could help to make a change and fight for what I feel the community need and want for their future within Camborne.

With the experiences in my line of work, working with people with multiple disabilities, I have the ability to understand, be able communicate and be the voice for those who do not feel confident enough to speak up.

Gracie Vage

I am 16 years old, female and represent the LGBT+ community. I am currently studying Protective Services at Truro College to be in the Devon and Cornwall Police Force.

I have lived in Camborne all my life and studied at Camborne Science and International Academy. I feel there is a good community spirit and community cohesion in most areas.

I decided to become a member of the Deal Makers panel as I genuinely want to make a change to my local area and I knew this was the way I could fully get involved and make a change.

I want people to feel proud of where they live and where they come from. I knew this was an opportunity to good to miss!

I am so passionate about this opportunity for Camborne. It will make such a difference to each and every person in this community.

Lorraine Barnfield

I wanted to get involved with the Deal Makers as I think I could help make a difference. I think that there is a lot to like about Camborne if people really looked at it.

It’s about time it lost its image of being one of the poorest areas and a victim of the decline of the mining industry. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore. I think if we can raise people’s aspirations and spirits a little they might really appreciate what Camborne has to offer.

I’m all for change and improvement. Camborne has masses of potential as do the people who live here but it’s sometimes hard to find ways to discover that. I love the architecture and there’s a lot of buildings that need help and could be utilised to create better community spaces. I do believe that high street retail isn’t ever going to be what it once was but that doesn’t mean that spaces can’t be used to make Camborne look and feel great again.

Jacquie Bodman

I have been shopping, socialising and supporting people in Camborne for around 22 years! I have always loved what Camborne has to offer to the area and used to enjoy bringing our four children to the shops and park as well as Trevithick Days when they were younger! Our children are now all grown up and we are grandparents but as a family, we all still regularly visit, attend church and run groups in Camborne and are very much part of the community.

I became a member on the Deal Makers Panel as I was so excited by the opportunities that the Town Deal offers to Camborne. I feel that I have a lot of experience of working within the community of Camborne across all age groups.

Camborne is special – we have been through a lot yet we are generally positive and keep going. I love this spirit and I really think by using the £25m to regenerate the town we will go from strength to strength. There has been a feeling of being over looked and forgotten but by pulling together and bringing people together to regenerate the town, our community will feel that they have been noticed and considered. I think creating spaces and groups for all ages and all the exciting plans that Town Deal has will do wonders for our community.

Denise Williams

I come from a background in education – I worked within the context of inclusion, community, enterprise and business and feel I have some experience that could positively contribute to the Town Deal panel.

Since moving to Camborne I have become acutely aware of the ‘label’ we have in terms of deprivation.

I think the projects show great vision and could greatly contribute to improving the lives of ALL the people of Camborne and we could become, once again, a prosperous town.

This, alongside the possibilities of the future mining opportunities and Spaceport could really change the economic and social status of Camborne.

The town investment will be like a breath of fresh air through the town, will encourage people to be proud to live and work in Camborne, and will provide opportunities and long term sustainable employment which is greatly needed in the town.