Landmark art installations at Camborne Railway Station

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Original local artwork has been installed at Camborne Railway Station.

Camborne Business Improvement District (BID Camborne) was awarded £20,000 in funding from the GWR Customer & Community Fund to create an inclusive, immersive experience that showcases the local community’s many achievements over the years.

The initiative is also part of Project A-Void Phase 2, one of eleven ground-breaking schemes to improve Camborne with £23.7m of Town Deal funding.

Mosaic artist Alec Rice and metalworker Dan Peppiatt were chosen to create the installations, with the help of local people.

Alec’s artwork is a trio of mosaic artwork consisting of 3 separate panels. Each panel links to Cornwall’s Celtic past and the creatures, Phoenix, Hare and Ouroboros who represent the renewal, prosperity and regeneration needed to take Camborne forward to a successful future.

Called ‘Sowena’, which means success, prosperity and welfare in Cornish, all the panel tiles were made at the Create Contemporary Crafts Hub in Camborne – many of them created by people coming along to the special workshops held.

“The tiles incorporate a variety of scenarios and themes that have been identified by the community as representing what they would like to see in Camborne’ future,” said Alec.

 “They flow through the background of the panels in themes such as diversity and the arts. My job was to take the vast variety of shapes and sizes created and craft them into the mosaics.

“Each creature has been prominently raised off the panels to give a more 3D effect and allow for a sensory experience.”

Dan Peppiatt’s sculpture is entitled ‘Rebirth’ and tells the story of how Camborne’s industrial, mining related past has contributed to an ever evolving, modern day town.

“Camborne’s past is represented by the nest of recycled industrial tools, reminding us of local industries like Holmans, whilst the copper egg recalls the treasures mined from the depths below,” said Dan.  

“We can’t allow the past to define or limit what follows and so the fiery Phoenix hatching from the egg represents the potential for a bright future.

“When working on this, I had in my mind an imaginary tale that a miner at work had uncovered this shiny egg many years ago. Secretly bringing it to the surface, he battered it with his tools as he tried to open it, but with no success. 

“His wife, a bal maiden, felt that it should be left alone so hid it away in a cave beneath Carn Brea where it had been totally forgotten until recently, when the heat of the hottest summer on record caused it to suddenly hatch.

“From inside the egg emerged a fiery phoenix that took up residence at the station, watching over the town as the symbol of rebirth and new beginnings.”

A launch event was held for local schools, organisations and members of the public to meet Dan, Alec, GWR staff and members of the BID Camborne team.

“We are really grateful to the GWR Customer and Community Fund and the Town Deal for making this inspirational initiative possible,” said BID Camborne manager Anna Pascoe.

“These installations improve the way Camborne welcomes GWR passengers, as well as those who don’t normally travel by train as the artworks are visible to motorists, pedestrians and parents, guardians and children attending the three nearby schools.

“It’s also been a longstanding aim of a local group, the Camborne Regeneration Forum, to improve the ‘wow’ factor at Camborne station and that has certainly been achieved.”

GWR Regional Growth Manager (West), David Whiteway, said:

“The Community Fund is a fantastic opportunity for us to invest in projects that really make a difference to our customers and communities at a local level.

“We’re delighted to support this initiative with a grant for £20,000. Alec and Dan have created some fantastic pieces of artwork which will help to provide a wonderful welcome to visitors to Camborne station.”

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