Lead Organisation: Cornwall Council

Town Deal grant value: £1,643,965.00

Cornwall Council Match Funding: £325,500.00

The Roskear Route will provide 3.7km of enhanced walking and cycling route connecting key sites and supporting the overall Town Deal aims of carbon reduction and healthier living for Camborne residents and visitors.

Benefits of Life Cycle Camborne:

• Creates a coherent link for pedestrians and cyclists between the town centre and other Camborne Town Deal projects including the Kerrier Way Green Space project and Park Gerry Sports Amenity.

• It will secure and gain long-term access from Camborne town centre and key residential areas to the surrounding green spaces including the Red River Trail, Tehidy Woods, North Cliffs and Godrevy, the Great Flat Lode Mineral Tramways (with onward connections to the Devoran to Portreath trail) and Tuckingmill Valley Park.

• Aims to encourage cycle ownership, use and active travel, creating improved background conditions to maximise potential of future funding for active travel.

• Increased cycle usage around the town will cut down on car journeys and in turn improve air quality in the town centre.

• Improvements for physical and mental wellbeing.

Latest update

The two elements of the project are progressing as follows:

Roskear Route:  Design well developed.  Approval to appoint Cormac Solutions Limited as the contractor and move to delivery will be sought in the next few weeks.

Treverno Park:  Stakeholder discussions and agreements need to be finalised for the remediation of the mineshaft, but the project is still on programme.