It’s Possible in Camborne

Posted in News by Camborne Town Deal ON 20th January 2022

The Camborne Town Deal board has voted in favour of working with a recently formed community interest company (CIC) that aims to drive positive change and help local people.

Called ‘It’s Possible Camborne’, the non-profit CIC was set up by an experienced team of volunteer directors who live and work in the town and are passionate about turning aspirations into reality.

“We want to empower local people to get actively involved, encourage organisations to work together and attract and share resource,” said CIC Chair Rose Hitchens-Todd. “We see our projects as collective efforts and tools for connecting and building a stronger Camborne.

“We also believe that the best solutions for society come from within so we’re making it our mission to nurture the excellent work that’s already going on and to support that, and new ideas, as much as possible – both physically and financially.”

Project applications have been invited and two involving young people are currently moving forward. 

The first, entitled ‘Future Crew’ and funded into its second year by Camborne Town Council, encourages 10–16-year-olds to come up with their own plans for leading positive change. One of their early ideas is about developing a community garden and indoor space so local youngsters can socialise safely. 

The second, Camborne Youth Tec Hub, focuses on providing access for the digitally excluded. The CIC is helping a volunteer set up and resource a hub that will tour the town so people who don’t have ready access to computers can improve their skills.

“Rose gave a presentation to the board about the CIC and there is clear synergy between what we are doing and all that It’s Possible Camborne can offer,” said Camborne Town Deal Chair Val Dalley. “It makes absolute sense to work closely together – especially as the capital funding our projects will receive needs to be combined with operating collateral. That could be volunteers, for example, or grants that the CIC is able to identify and bid for.”

Business plans for eight projects are currently being developed for the £23.7m in Town Deal funding that the Government has allocated to Camborne. 

It’s Possible Camborne would like to hear from anyone interested in volunteering, organising an event or fundraising for local community benefit. Visit for further information.

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