Deal Makers Diary: Our first workshops

Posted in News by Camborne Town Deal ON 10th December 2020

Our new feature on the Town Deal website is an insight into the experience of our Community Deal Makers. These enthusiastic volunteers are helping to shape the future of our town and make positive change for Camborne and its people.
Their role will be to give feedback on proposals and concepts that form part of the Camborne Town Deal investment bid.
We believe by sharing the responsibility and empowering our communities to lead the decision-making processes; we will make better decisions and deliver projects the people of Camborne really want.  
Our first Deal Makers Diary comes from Angie Roskilly.


It has been lovely to be given the opportunity to focus on an improved future for Camborne and our community – and to feel a sense of positivity and togetherness especially during these dark and challenging times.

To date, the agenda has focused on setting the scene and starting to look at what would make our town a better place to live and to inform the Town Investment Plan.

After the Christmas break, I would like to see a focus on how the Town Deal Bid could help us to create wealth for our community’s economy through the creation of large numbers of sustainable jobs and for much needed improvements to our infrastructure.

Of course, the Board will know best which projects and schemes will be likely to attract the most funding.  From listening to the chancellor’s recent spending review he talked about three clear spending priorities for the nation:

  • Infrastructure
  • Creating jobs
  • Increasing pride in where we live

All of these priorities will, I am sure, be addressed by the Town Bid. I hope that there will be focus on the green economy, for the creation of sustainable jobs that perhaps tap into our proud mining and engineering heritage.

I am keen to see improvements in our health infrastructure. I feel strongly that there has never been a better time to bid for a Health Park for our town, I think this would be ideally situated in the fields at Polstrong (just off the bypass and previously identified for shops) given the Government’s pledge to build fifty new hospitals and to upgrade services.

I had proposed this to the Camborne LDP group (Council led) and had started to do some scoping work on this before the group folded.

I have enjoyed taking part in the Deal maker meetings so far – not least for the introduction to the world of Zoom! The Deal Makers meetings have been well organised and facilitated and have stuck to the agenda and achieved the expressed aims.

I am looking forward to our next meeting and to having a look at the Town Investment Plan.

We will feature other Deal Makers Diary posts in the coming weeks, following future workshops. If you’d like to know who is on our Deal Makers panel, you can see them here.

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